Glass Balustrades

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Stylish Glass Balustrade Systems

Glass balustrade has become incredibly popular in both commercial and domestic developments.

Abbey Glass are a developer/producer of Acoustic Specialist Sealed Units. Our Triple Glazed PremierfonTM in 44mm was developed in house and with the help of Salford University’s Acoustics Department.  Working closely with Architects and Whitbread we have developed a product toolkit to help supply and install products throughout a number of new and projected builds with Premier Inn. Our Acoustic Range is available in Timber, Aluminium and PVC Frames, Test Results are available. We are continuing to increase our line of Acoustic Specialist Products through research and innovation and if you have any acoustic problems that need solving our team of experts are always on hand, we offer advice on taylor made bespoke units to address not just acoustic but factor in any additional requirements you may have.

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Glass Balustrades For Home And Business

There are lots of opportunities to use the glass balustrade systems in your home design, or even commercial property.

Why not create a stunning stairwell featuring a gorgeous stainless steel glass balustrade, or perhaps add a Juliet balcony with toughened glass panels to create an indoor space with an outdoor feel.

For businesses, especially those with outdoor areas, our glass balustrade systems can help you to create sectional spaces using curved glass or plain glass panels with steel frames, or perhaps a completely frameless glass design.  These are a great way to use your space whilst maintaining a free and easy feel either outside or inside. By using our balustrade panels and stainless steel posts you can create a sleek and stylish balcony area and we are also able to offer tinted glass or acid etching to add that personal touch to the system.

We have been providing bespoke glass services for over 20 years to both commercial and domestic clients from our base in South Wales. We provide the highest quality products for our customers, no matter the size or scope of the project! We specialise in curved glass and laminated glass, ideal for our glass balustrade designs. We also provide other glass products such as glass doors, bespoke shower enclosures and more. Instead of case studies, view our gallery to see examples of past projects. Working with a range of well known companies throughout the UK has secured our spot as one of the premier glass suppliers in the UK, producing innovative and safe glass products for our clients. Contact us to see how we can help and be provided with a quick quote.

Contact us to enquire about our products. One of our team members will happily help you with your enquiry.
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Glass Balustrade Faq’s

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What is the difference between a toughened balustrade and a laminated?

Balustrade is supplied to building regulations to meet the requirement for safety, in such cases where a frameless balustrade is required this will always be laminated glazing unless on a parapet wall or where there is no dangerous drop. A toughened glass balustrade will incorporate a handrail, this is placed on top in the event of a breakage so that the handrail then becomes the barrier to prevent a fall or accident. The difference between both always comes down to safety and the loading required for the balustrade to achieve.

What is a balustrade?

A balustrade is railing supported by a row of small columns.  You can find these on staircases and surrounding balconies or terraces.  The small columns are also known as balusters.

Is Your Glass Safe To Use On A Balcony?

We provide a range of glass to be used for different purposes.  Any glass used on balustrades needs to be laminated or toughened safety glass. Our clear toughened glass is perfect balustrades glass for a glass balcony. By using Marine Grade stainless steel balustrade posts, laminated, toughened glass, and the appropriate glass clamps you can be assured of the utmost safety.

What's the difference between frameless balustrades and framed balustrades?

The main difference is the way the balustrade is put together – the frameless balustrades appear to be just glass panels secured together seamlessly (ideal if you are wanting to keep an uninterrupted view!) whereas the balustrade with a frame has posts in between each panel of glass. The framed glass balustrade system uses a high quality, stainless steel balustrade posts and toughened laminated glazing attached using glass clamps. A glass clamp will ensure your glass is securely affixed to the steel posts, important if you are using the system for a glass balcony.

Can I design my balustrade system to fit any shape space?

Yes, we can use curved glass to fit rounded spaces, as well as regular glass panels.  You can choose frameless designs if you want to make your glass balustrade system as minimalistic as possible, or you can have sleek and stylish stainless steel combined with your glass panels for a futuristic look.