Curved Glass

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Uk Curved Glazing Specialist

Annealed Bending

Annealed Bends are made from raw material which can be comprised of float, Patterned, K, wired and self cleaning glass. The curve can be manufactured by applying heat to the glass which softens and adopts the shape of the pre made mould which we produce.

Laminate Bends

By applying an interlayer between two pieces of glass we create a safety glass. We can supply a range of laminates including cast in place, PVB and SGP. Coloured or patterned glass can be curved. Coloured laminates can also be used to produce different effects. Applications for laminate bends can be used in shop fronts, doors, screens, partitions and canopies, as well as Double Glazed units.

Toughened Bends

Toughened or tempered curved glass is produced from annealed glass which is heated and then cooled rapidly. This introduces stress into the glass surface which strengthens the glass. Once subject to impact or stress, toughened glass breaks into small blunt fragments, thus reducing risk of injury. Heat soak testing and heat strengthened glasses are also available.

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